Get Simplified


Coco Chanel’s Thumb Rule: “Before you leave the house, you should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”
Do not make things complex. Live simply, Live Foolishly…

Email Marketing & Campaigns


Conducting an email marketing campaign needs a lot more than just sending out a beautiful email to the world. 

#1: Permissions:
Do not pre-assume. When you are sending unsolicited emails, you are going to hurt your brand as well impact your campaign. Always ask the subscriber to opt in, in case he wishes to get the newsletters and other campaigns. Use a proper check box to opt in.
As per new marketing trend, do not keep blasting your users with your mails, after a good period of time, say 1 year, re-confirm user’s willingness to receive you mails. Continue reading

Top Reasons to Switch to Google+ for Content Marketing


Check out Google+ with over 20 million people looking for something more out of their social media than what the competitors offer. But apart from social media, Google + can prove to be of great advantage. Let’s check this how:

Google – the biggest search engine:
Being a product of Google, the biggest search engine, they have looked at what works and doesn’t work with other social media sites and have got rid of the applications that don’t cut it. Then, they improved on what does work for other sites.
One of biggest selling points about Google+ is they have worked out all those privacy and sharing issues that have been a headache for Facebook. Continue reading