Once in last 112 years… White Egypt

Egypt, place of desert soil, camels, pyramids and considered to be one the barren land 5000 years back has gone white. Snow white. Egypt is experiencing its first snowfall in last 100 years. What is it…?? US broke 50 years record of winter this year. Delhi is still waiting for its famous freezing ‘Dilli ki Sardi’ (Delhi’s special winter). Global Warming…?? Is human civilization once again going to face a major climate change??

Do not know anything yet, however, Humans has always survived major climate change in lasts 2 lacs year… We will make this time as well, if it happen in my lifetime.

Check out Egypt:


Who are we?

Just came to know – Every single person out of 200 persons on this earth belongs to the clan of Genghis Khan, also known as Chingis/Chinghis Khan, Changez Khan. Simply means 1 out of every 200 has genes of a ruler who ruled the largest portion of population of his time, during 1162 to 1227.