Dipesh Kapoor

Brand & Marketing Professional

  • RT @SirPareshRawal: Someone tweeted भले ही मोदी जी से सारा कचरा साफ ना हुआ हो* . . . . *पर एक जगह इकट्ठा जरुर हो गया है!!*

  • RT @HospitalsApollo: “#Emergency1066 - Life-saving stories that have never been told before”. Watch true stories of lives being saved in th…

  • @NetflixIndia Bandersnatch !!

  • RT @chetannarula: Cheteshwar Pujara, in this series, has batted and batted, and batted and batted. Then, batted and batted... And batted so…

  • RT @NetflixIndia: This New Year, we hope your resolution is to stop commenting, “Where is Radhika Apte” on all our posts.