Dipesh Kapoor

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  • @MsRiyaMukherjee Really great episode. As usual.

  • RT @Nayatihealth: #DidYouKnow the difference. Which Yoga person are you? #ForHealth #ForHumanity #NayatiHealthcare #yoga #YogaIsTheWay #H…

  • RT @YoursLegallyy: We might be winning the match but Pakistanis totally won on Twitter today!! 😁😁

  • RT @ajaybachloo: पाकिस्तान न तो कूटनीति स्तर पर और ना ही क्रिकेट के मैदान में भारत के ख़िलाफ़ सही “फ़ील्डिंग” लगा पाया है। #indiavspak

  • @MsRiyaMukherjee Bcz i love the it use to be when we were small... I life in a metro dont let u enjoy small things… t.co/QT6Gsonlyo

  • 01 – Logo vs Brand

    01 – Logo vs Brand
    The topic itself explains how both words are used interchangeably. Often, people use these words considering both are same. Though, both go hand-in-hand, however, they are not the same. I come across many people who don’t know much about brand & get settle just for a decent looking logo. It’s really important to understand the
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