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  • RT @Nayatihealth: #WorldTraumaDay Road accidents claim more than 1,50,000 lives in India every year. Your safety is your responsibility. ht…

  • What a coincidence... Both tweets appeared together. @ajaybachloo @rahatindori t.co/xt1SW49X0B

  • @rupanipoonam @MsRiyaMukherjee And energy to keep calm in Delhi's traffic. You should atleast do a 90 mins episode… t.co/F0cDJlnbZ8

  • RT @AnupamPKher: किसी ने ये Watsapp message भेजा। मैंने सुना। आप माने या ना माने पर इस बच्ची की बातों में कुछ सच्चाई तो है। आप भी सुनिए।😊👇…

  • @SeanKHoffman @MicrosoftEdge So that's what Chrome used to do.. even u open google now on edge and it does the same… t.co/5Cllxp8m7a

  • 01 – Logo vs Brand

    01 – Logo vs Brand
    The topic itself explains how both words are used interchangeably. Often, people use these words considering both are same. Though, both go hand-in-hand, however, they are not the same. I come across many people who don’t know much about brand & get settle just for a decent looking logo. It’s really important to understand the
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